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Does Windows 10’s Security Boost Make Antivirus Obsolete?

by Nov 15, 2017Newsletter

Does Windows 10’s Security Boost Make Antivirus Obsolete?

Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center gets new features with the Fall Creators Update, but the best third-party antivirus tools are still better.

In my hands-on testing, Windows Defender made a decent showing against a static malware collection, but it had an advantage. It processed those same samples this past spring. Given that fact, I expected to see 100 percent detection. Tested with malware-hosting and fraudulent websites, it made a seriously poor showing.

Keep Your Antivirus

Yes, the ransomware protection added to Windows Defender with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is nice to have. Preventing untrusted programs from modifying your important documents is a workable technique, one used by other free and commercial antivirus utilities. But for the average user, that’s about the extent of the enhancements.

The whole community of Windows users benefits when those without a clue about security have Windows Defender to protect them. The hope is that widespread malware attacks will falter when they no longer have a field of totally unprotected PCs to build momentum. But you do have a clue (hey, you’re reading this!), and you can do better. Windows Defender doesn’t come close to the accuracy and effectiveness of the best free antivirus utilities from other companies. As for comparing it with the best commercial antivirus utilities, fuhgeddaboudit!