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Email & Spam Protection

State of the Art Email & Spam Protection

Email spam reduces productivity and leads to painful downtime.

We offer hosted spam filter solutions that can be layered on top of your hosted email services. Our IT professionals can set up and customize your settings, allowing you to blacklist and whitelist domains as well as block spam, viruses and high volume attacks before they hit your corporate network. Reflexion offers complete control over your email security with robust features such as email encryption and continuity as well as archiving, discovery and recovery.

McAfee’s MX Logic is another popular option that allows Hosted Spam and Web Security Solutions. Contact us to learn more about McAfee SaaS offerings. Clients that want better control can leverage an on-premise solution such as a Barracuda in a privately controlled data center for business continuity and uptime.

Synergy Technology Solutions provides email & spam protection services that ensures you deliver clean email all the time.

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Email Encryption Service

Synergy Technology is partnered with Zix to provide your organization with high quality email encryption and data loss solutions that you can count on. Our IT professionals can help you configure your Zix solution to protect sensitive email data, strengthen your communication and help you with your compliance needs.

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