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IT Consulting Services

Professional IT Consulting For Your Business

On-demand IT Consulting for everything from PC repair to general IT help to keep your business running.

We understand that some organizations prefer to pay for managed IT services when they need help instead of paying monthly retainer fees. For those clients, Synergy Technology Solutions provides on-demand IT support services that billed by the hour. You need a partner that understands your current business needs and resources. Regardless of how you choose to utilize our IT consulting services, we know how to align your technology needs with your business objectives.

We create IT strategies based your business practices, so you can really enjoy the advantages of advanced technology. Let our IT Consultants show you how the right technology can actually increase your bottom line.

Synergy Technology Solutions offers complete IT consulting services that make managing your system worry free.
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Affordable Rates

We provide our clients with an hourly rate that is not only competitive, but it’s also affordable. Our expert team is ready to help you with all of your custom IT needs.

No Committments

Our hourly IT services don’t bind you to a contract. You don’t have to use us for a certain amount of time. If you need us for only one hour or 35 hours, you will pay the same competitive hourly rate with no hidden costs or fees.

Flexible Pricing

We supplement your IT demands by offering customized IT solutions to fit all your business needs whether you have an IT department or no IT professionals at all.

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