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Synergy Cloud Backup

Our Automatic Cloud Backup Service Protects Your Data

Synergy Cloud Backup provides seamless and secure backup of your data to the cloud and takes care of the management and monitoring for you.

Synergy Cloud Backup is a seamless and secure backup solution for your Windows Server environment. Using strong local encryption protects your data from unauthorized access with up to 256-bit strong keys even before it is transmitted to the cloud.

Any data sent to the cloud is automatically encrypted using the hardened SSL protocols which eliminate the possibility of an outsider gaining access to it and all data can be optionally encrypted at rest in the data center.

Synergy Cloud Backup provides data backup and recovery services that protect your data against potential loss.

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Our Data Backup Plans Include


Peace of Mind

We take care of all your backup needs, including computer network maintenance, data backups and computer hard drive protection. You can rest easy knowing man-made and natural disasters will not negatively impact your business.

Top Performance

We use tier-1 backbone providers and gigabits of bandwidth capacity in order to deliver maximum speed, reliability and scalability. We also cover increasing data growth with petabyte storage potential on the back end.

Fail-Safe Routing

You get smart, fail-safe routing of all your information with our dynamically controlled Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP). We continuously monitor your network’s performance in order to maximize connection speed while minimizing latency.



Businesses often find themselves spending too much time trying to keep up with the ever-changing compliance requirements. However, Synergy Technology Solutions lifts this burden by monitoring the relevant criteria for your business environment.

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